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Model HC5265H Sterling White, tandem axle tractor with tandem axle logging trailer. Coos Bay Lumber Co. 1952.

White Model M straight truck with tank body pulling tank trailer. Sun Oil Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1928.

White Model 788 Bus A. Gershkowitz. North Newark. New Jersey.

Model HCS330, tandem axle straight truck with wrecker body. Ernest Sternberg collection.

Autocar 292C rear axle, close up of brake shoes and wheel bearings.

Model 99. Truck being disassembled after 40,551 test miles. Circa 1939.

Model 99. 3/4 right front view with 2 men looking at newspapers. Cleveland Press, Cleveland, OH.1940

Galena Park School Bus with 280 engine.

Model 99 Row of 8 trucks lined up beside a building R W Jones Dairy, Buffalo, NY 1941

Railcar. Rucker Bros. Everett, WA. 1915.

White Model Ambulance. Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA.

White Model 53 Bus. Black Hills, SD.

White Model 798 Bus. North Shore Line. Chicago. 1948.

White model WA-118 Tractor & Hoist for Dow Cheical

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White Group, The Fuller Cleaning Co Cleveland Ohio

31761E Factory. Lowering tandem rear axles onto Hendrickson suspension, Autocar factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.

31536 Model DCV72TL, diesel tractor with tandem axle tank trailer. Humble Oil & Refining Co. New York Region.

31692 Aluminum driver cab undergoing vibration test. Factory photo. January 16, 1954.

American Beer, Co Inc, Baltamore

White Model 798 Bus. Los Angeles, CA. Demonstrator.

White Bus Model 15-45. Blair Motor Transportation. Chehalis, WA. 1923.

White Bus Model 65A. The Brewsillon Co., Subsidiary Wheeling and L. E. RR. Canton, OH. February, 1930.

Model C65D, straight truck with Dempster Dumpster body. Lukens Steel Co. Coatesville, PA. March 1957.

WC Ceroil Petroleum Co Venezuela