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WB 22 Cerro de Pasco Copper Corp Peru South America

Model C60T, tractor with Fruehauf van trailer. J. C. Driscoll Transportation. Boston, MA. March 19, 1941.

White Model 788 Bus. Boston Elevated Railway.

31061 Model DC10464LS, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle float trailer. Hi Ball Contractors. Billings, MT.

Sterling 20414 Model unknown, tandem axle straight truck with van body. Factory photo.

White Model 798 Bus. Body Construction. May, 1945.

Model DC10064SN, uncropped view of image 31029A. Shorty Hall Rig Co. Odessa, TX.

31334 Model DC75T, diesel tractor with tandem axle van trailer. Vachon Inc. Beauce, Quebec, Canada.

Sterling 20404B Model T 26, 12 ton, 8 wheel drive tractor with tandem axle trailer loaded with Sherman tank on Army field test. US Army photo circa 1945.

White Model 782 Bus. Safeway Transit Co. Wilmington, NC.

Model C50, straight truck with deluxe cab and tank body. American Maize Products Co. New York City, NY. October 16, 1951.

31205 Model EDC10364DOH, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle lowboy trailer. Hugh N. Grant Ltd. Canada.

Drawing of (black) air cooled cylinder

Autocar Photograph Bulletin; No. 1339. June 26, 1953

White Group. HN Bruns. Chicago IL

Model 99-A Stand and drive model. Looking straight ahead from behind the driver's position. 1941. No negative.

Sterling 20416 Model unknown, tandem axle tractor with lowboy trailer loaded with 45 ton pipe. American Concrete and Pipe Co. Metropolitan Aqueduct project. Print.

Model DC103T, diesel tractors with tandem axle Wood dump trailers. Angus Robertson Ltd. Montreal, Canada.

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White Model 684 Bus, deluxe. B & O Railroad. Baltimore and Ohio Train Connection.

31321O Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with dump body. Brittingham Construction Co. Salisbury, MD.

Restored, 3/4 Ton, Able Rug Cleaners

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30249B Model U70, rear of Lindsay panel body. Bell Telephone. Pittsburgh, PA. April 1, 1949.