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Model 99. 3/4 left front view, with door open, showing repaired areas in primer. Mutual Milk Co., IN.1940.

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel straight trucks with dump bodies. Morse Sand & Gravel Co. Attleboro, MA.

Model unknown, tandem axle diesel tractor with pneumatic cement bulk trailer. Maule Industries Inc. Miami, FL. 1974.

Unit Installation. 1948.

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3000 Cab Tilted Neg

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Keeley Brewing Co. Chicago, IL

White Bus 3/4 ton. White Star Auto Line. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 1916-1918.

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Cummins JBS-600 diesel engine with transmission, left side view with frame rail removed. Factory photo. Dec 3, 1951

Model A10264 or ALWS ?, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. April 3, 1958

Model DC100TN, fleet of diesel tractors with driver cabs, some with K-W sleepers. Hill & Hill Truck Lines Inc. Houston, TX. June 2, 1952.

31397B Model DC9364, tri-axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. E. K. Concrete. Newton Falls, OH.

Sterling 20401E Model T 26, 12 ton, 8 wheel drive truck with other vehicles assembling for field test. US Army photo circa 1945.

Model DC10264L, tandem axle diesel special show chassis with aluminum radiator and fiberglass fenders. Factory photo.

Rear axle with type 36 air brake chambers. Factory photo. February 22, 1952.

Model 99. 3/4 left rear view with driver loading/unloading wooden case. Carnation Milk Co., Los Angeles, CA.1940

WH-116. Ward Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. Negative only.

31636D Model F337, pumper truck, pump controls. McKinley Fire Co # 1. Montgomery County, PA. September 15, 1939.

Model DC10364SOH, long wheelbase tandem diesel straight truck with winch flatbed. Wesley Stephens. Graham, TX.

Model 619, Binkley Mining Co of Ind , seelyville, Indiana Neg and

Model DW15-64, straight truck with van body. J.C. Zipprich Teaming Co. Chicago, IL. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Model 788 Bus, highway coach. Denver Motor Coach Co. 1938.