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Model unknown, tandem axle straight truck with dump body and transfer dump trailer. Smith-Peterson & Co.

Model C10364SOH, standard tandem axle chassis. Factory photo. January, 1956.

Model DC10064SN, tandem axle diesel tractor with logging trailer. Associated Lumber & Box Co. Wilseyville, CA. June, 1951.

White Model 788 Bus. Jamaica Utilities Limited. Kingston, Jamaica.

31423O Model DF Series, low, half cab forward 3 axle aircraft refueler cab and chassis. Factory photo.

White Model 798 Bus. The Short Line.

Outside Body Frame. 1948.

White horse used for fire emergency truck. San Fransisco, CA

Model DC9764OH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with 12 yard dump body. Buckley & Co. Philadelphia, PA.

Model 718 State Sand & Gravel Co Milwaukee, Wi

Model DC75TRBB, diesel tractor with driver cab and tandem axle open top Fruehauf trailer. James E. Mimna. Somerset, PA.

31699D Oil filter and plumbing on side of 447 and 501 engine. Factory photo. September 23, 1947.

31358A Model AW10264, tandem axle diesel tractor with logging trailer. Kramer & Smith Logging. Coos Bay, OR.

Model HD105, straight truck with Howe fire apparatus body. U.S. Army. 1944. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White 45 Texas Oil Co Print

National Condensed Milk New London Wisc

Sterling 20420B Model 5 ton Sternberg. Retouched version of 20420A. Factory photo. 1912. Print Bill Gross donation, 2006.

Model DC100, deluxe cab and chassis with diesel engine. Factory photo. October 28, 1947.

Removal- White Horse Unit

Model 116; G.W. Mercer Inc.

Model unknown, tractor with tandem axle lowboy trailer. Frank W. Hake. Philadelphia, PA.

31668A Quick removable cab on U70 and U90 models, cab about to be removed. Factory photo. June 21, 1951.

White Bus 1012. Cruiser, demonstrator, Fitzjohn body, interior, back to front. 1940.

White Bus Model 54A. Fleet of 7. The Short Line. Springfield. 1930. Print.

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