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Model 702 Gimbel Bros , New York, New York 3/4 front left action

White Horse model 99, Detroit News Co, Detroit Mich

White Horse. 1948. Side view.

Model B49, model 4254 Superior bus body, looking from front to rear. September 9, 1939.

Sterling 20421 Model 7 ton Sternberg, cowl and chassis with dump body. Factory photo.

Model DD13-65ML, straight truck with stake body. Lukar Bros. Transfer. New York, NY. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Horse, unit with cutaway drawing.

Model S-99-A Left side view with engine cover folded up New Demonstrator 1941

31307 Model DCU7064T, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle Trailmobile van trailer. Bonded Oil Corp. Cincinnati, OH.

White Bus Model 65A. Independent School District #40. Chisholm, MN.

Model C65T, tractor with tandem axle tank trailer. Roosevelt Oil Service. York, PA.

Model DCU75T, standard diesel chassis. Factory photo. January, 1956.

Sterling 20401B Model T 26, 12 ton, 8 wheel drive truck powered by American LaFrance V12, 275 hp engine with 2 axle trailer. US Army photo circa 1945.

Model DF Series, low, half cab forward 2 axle straight truck cab and chassis. Factory photo.

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White Model 786 Bus. Twin City Rapid Transit. Negative.

31483C Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Petrillo Bros. Inc. Wilmington, DE.

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B. W. Art Mustang Power.

Model unknown, Sterling White, close up view of right door. Factory photo. 1953.

White Model 788 Bus. Community Bus.

Model 922, Ben-Bruk Inc , Boston Mass

31347 Model DC6766, tandem axle 6 wheel drive diesel cab and chassis with set back front axle. Factory photo.

Inside Frame. 1948.

Model 51A, and Trailer, Western Meat Co San Fran Cali