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White Bus Model 60B. Cardinal Bus Line. 1930.

Neptune Storage.

Model DC20364SOH, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

WB 28 Jack Cole Co Birmingham AL

Model AP40, tandem axle diesel off road cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Branch Service Truck, Model 51, in Service, Lifing 45-D Truck

White Model 53 Bus. Sightseeing Bus. Black Hills, SD. 1924. Print.

Model DC10064, tandem axle diesel straight truck with van body. Auto Transportes. Mexico. December 7, 1945.

Standard Model 918-SD-251< Chassis

WC 20 Fire Engine Export for Paz De Rio Testing Fire Equipment Body Central; St Louis MO

Model DC10364SOH, showing FG900 front axle. Factory photo.

31761C Factory. Installing rear axle on spring suspension, Autocar factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955. Print. See AutoCar 31760A-B.

Gear set used in 684 transmission 1934

White Bus. Pike's Peak Auto Co. Pike's Peak, between mile 8 and 9. Colorado Springs, CO. 1916.

Model 981, Coca Cola Co , Dalla tx Neg Only

Plumbing SUpplies, Chicago,

Model C65T, tractor with driver cab and Trailmobile dump trailer. Feraco Inc. Philadelphia, PA. May 12, 1953.

Model DC20064SN, tandem axle straight truck with driver cab and diesel engine with quarry type dump body. Basic Refractories, Cleveland, OH. June 4, 1951

Model DC9564T, tandem axle diesel straight truck with tandem axle dump trailer and 4 axle pup dump trailer. Dale Osburn. Romulus, MI.

White Model 685 Bus- Coach. Peoples Motor Bus Co. St. Louis.

Model 818, Metropolitain Concrete Co Neg and

Model DC9764OH, tandem axle diesel straight trucks with tank bodies. Hamel Transport Ltd. Montreal, Canada.

Model JC137H, tandem axle tractor with tandem axle van trailer. Independent Contract Carriers Inc. Los Angeles, CA. Ernest Sternberg collection.

Model SB300LD, straight truck with quarry type dump body. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Model 798 Bus. Chicago Surface Line.