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White Model 54 Busses. Smith Motor Coach Co. Memphis, TN.

31207E Model DC9564, tandem axle diesel straight truck with dump body and 4 axle dump trailer. Delta Trucking Co. Detroit, MI. 1962.

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Model 818, Chassis, Inside of Cab Neg and 2 Prints

Faulty loading of White Horse

31262 Model A7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem spread axle hot asphalt tank trailer. City Asphalt & Paving Co. Youngstown, OH.

BF Goodrich Co

Joyce Bros. Storage and Van Co.

White Horse Model 116. Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Boston, MA. Negative only.

Model SB3001D, straight truck with quarry type dump body and Plan-A-Power rear axle. Factory photo. 1951. John Montville collection.

WA 26 Grand Isle Seafood Co Golden Medow LA

Old Model 2 Ton Oil Tank, Standard Oil

31390C Model DC6366, tandem axle 6 wheel drive diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Model C8044, straight truck with deluxe cab, dump body and snow plow. Town of Broadalbin. Fulton County, NY. May 4, 1951.

Model C65T, tractors with tandem axle flatbed trailers. Paolini & Son Trucking. Buffalo, NY. December 10, 1952.

Timken SFDD-157 tandem drive axle showing differential lock control. Factory photo. June 5, 1951.

White model 54 bus. Frank Martz AERA

Sterling 20407K Model T 26, 12 ton, 8 wheel drive truck on Army field test. US Army photo circa 1945.

White Model 786 Bus. Twin City Rapid Transit Co. Minneapolis, MN.

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30303 Model DC75TR, tractor with deluxe cab and diesel engine. J. P. Stevens & Co. Greenville, SC. August 19, 1949.

White Bus Model 50 A. Yelloway, Inc. J. J. Stanton. Denver, CO. 1927.

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Model 788. U. S. Mail Highway Post Office. Washington, DC. 1941.

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel truck with coal type dump body. Amherst Coal Co. Charleston, WV. 1956.