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Model DC10464OH, tandem axle diesel tractor with logging trailer. Austin L. King Trucking. Medford, OR.

Model DC6564, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Model DC102T, diesel straight truck with driver cab. Factory photo. February 1954.

Railcar. Rucker Bros. Everett, WA. 1915.

Model DC7564, tandem axle diesel driver cab and chassis. Factory photo. February 1954.

Model 720, Fank, Hygrade Oil & Fuel Corp

White Model 798 Bus. North Shore Line. Chicago. 1948.

Stud 107 Keeshin T/T

White Ad,

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Model C75T, tractor with driver cab. Shore Freight Service Inc. Framingham, MA. January 4, 1952.

Texas Co. Chicago, IL

Model AP40, tandem axle off road dump truck. Corson's Quarry. Plymouth Meeting, PA

Model SB3001D, straight truck with quarry type dump body and Plan-A-Power rear axle. Factory photo. 1951. John Montville Collection.

Sterling 20410N Model T 26, 12 ton, 8 wheel drive truck on Army field test. US Army photo circa 1945.

Story - 1923 Guilf - From Guilf to Gulf

31321L Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with dump body. Brittingham Construction Co. Salisbury, MD.

White Horse model 99, New Unit

Old Model 45. Ravenna, Ohio.

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White Buses 3/4 ton. Pike's Peak Auto Co. Passenger Service. Colorado Springs, CO. January, 1920.

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31335E Model 3700U, COE straight truck with 4 man cab and utility body. Iroquois Gas Corp. Buffalo, NY.

White Horse. Interior from rear. The Fair Store. Cincinnati, OH. Negative scanned.

31759H Factory. Assembling crossmembers to frame rails, Autocar factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.