White Bus

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Beck Bus-29. White Demonstrator Cannon Ball Trans. Co. Albuquerque, NM.

Railcar. Mt. Hood R. R. Mt. Hood, OR. 1916.

White Model 20 Bus. Baltimore Transit Co.

White 1.5 ton. R. H. D. William H. Bowers. New Brunswick, NJ. 1912-1913.

White Model 798 Bus. Birmingham Electric.

White Model 782 Bus. BIGI Bus Lines. Bridgeville, PA.

White Model 798 Bus. Colorado Springs Transit.

White Model 54 coach. Interior view. Semi-Deluxe.

White Bus Model 20-45. Alliance Canton Transit Line. Canton, OH. October, 1920.

Empresas Municipales. Bogota, Colombia. Action shots. 1951.

Beck Bus.

Jacksonville Coach Co. Jacksonville, FL.

White Model 798 Bus. Chicago Surface Line.

White Model 798 Bus. Chicago Surface Line.

White Model 798 Bus. Jamaica. 1947.

White Model 798 Bus. San Francisco Railway.

White Bus 2 ton. Danville-Hornell Auto Transit Co. Danville, NY. 1916.

White Model 798 Buses. April, 1945.

Railcar. Morristown & Erie R. R. Whipany, NJ. 1921.

White Bus Model 684

Model 5218. School Bus with girl.

White bus model 15-45. Pacific Motor Transportation Co. Tacoma, WA. December, 1920.

White Model 788 Bus. New Orleans.

White Model 684 Bus, deluxe. B & O Railroad. Baltimore and Ohio Train Connection.

White Model 15 Bus. GBBE. The Lynnfield Community Bus Line. Lynnfield, MA. 1920.